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Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 6

11) Who among the following was the last Sultan of Delhi?
  1. Ibrahim Lodi
  2. Ala-Ud-Din
  3. Sikandar Lodi
  4. None of the above
Answer: 1

12). Dara Shikoh finally lost the war of succession to Aurangzeb in the battle of
  1. Dharmat
  2. Samugarh
  3. Deorai
  4. Khanua
Answer: 2

13)The innovator of the Revenue settlement during the rule of Akbar was
  1. Raja Mansingh
  2. Raja Bhagwan Das
  3. Raja Todarmal
  4. Raja Birbal
Answer :3

14)Who, among the following great Mughals, was also a first-rate poet?
  1. Akbar
  2. Babur
  3. Jahangir
  4. Shah Jahan
Answer: 2

15)Which styles of sculpture are found in Mughal Art?
  1. Sino-Indian
  2. Indo-European
  3. Indo-Persian
  4. Indo-Greek
Answer: 3

16) Chengiz Khan belongs to which country?
  1. Japan
  2. Burma
  3. Mongolic
  4. China
Answer: 3

17) “Memoirs of Babur” was written in which language?
  1. Hindi
  2. Urdu
  3. Arabic
  4. Turkish
Answer: 4

18) Who among the following got the name as “ the Father of modern currency”?
  1. Akbar
  2. Bairam Khan
  3. Ibrahim Lodi
  4. Sher Shah
Answer: 4

19) Which among the following is the original name of Farid?
  1. Ibbahim Lodi
  2. Sikandar Lodi
  3. Sher Khan
  4. Sher Shah
Answer: 4

20) Akbar built Buland Darwaza to commemorate his victory over which state?
  1. Delhi
  2. Kabul
  3. Gujrat
  4. Rajesthan
Answer: 3

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 5

21) Who was the tutor of Shivaji?
  1. Baji Rao
  2. Shahji Bhonsle
  3. Balaji Vishwanath
  4. Dadaji Khonda Dev
Answer: 4

22)Where did Babar die?
  1. Agra
  2. Kabul
  3. Lahore
  4. Delhi
Answer : 1

23)Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
  1. Babar
  2. Akbar
  3. Jahangir
  4. Shahjahan
Answer: 3

24)Painting reached its highest level of development during the reign of
  1. Akbar
  2. Aurangzeb
  3. Jahangir
  4. Shah Jahan
Answer: 3

25) Which one of the following was the original name of Tansen, the famous musician in the court of Akbar?
  1. Mahananda Pande
  2. Lal Kalawant
  3. Baz Bahadur
  4. Ramtanu Pande
Answer: 4

26) Who among the following was illiterate?
  1. Jahangir
  2. Shahjahan
  3. Akbar
  4. Aurangzeb
Answer: 3

27) Who among the following was the first Peshwa?
  1. Balaji Vishwanath
  2. Balaji Baji Rao
  3. Raja Jaisingh
  4. None of the above
Answer: 1

28) Shivaji had a council of how many ministers that was called as “Ashtaprsdhan”?
  1. 5
  2. 8
  3. 6
  4. 11
Answer: 2

29) “Trety of Purandhar” was singned between whom and Shivaji
  1. Nadir Khan
  2. Raja Jaisingh
  3. Ahmad Shah Abdali
  4. None of the above
Answer: 2

30) When did the Third Battle of Panipat took place?
  1. A.D 1761
  2. A.D 1774
  3. A.D 1525
  4. A.D 1556
Answer: 1

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 4

31)Which one among the following depicts the correct meaning of the term Jins-i-kamil concerning crops in Mughal India?
  1. Paddy crop
  2. Cash crop
  3. Coarse crop
  4. Crop grown in the arid zone
Answer: 1

32) To which of the following was Babar related on his father's side?
  1. Balban
  2. Qutubuddin Aibak
  3. Timur
  4. Alauddin Khilji
Answer : 3

33) Whom did Babar defeat in the Battle of Khanua in 1527?
  1. Rana Sangha of Mewar
  2. Rana Pratap of Mewar
  3. Ibrahim Lodhi
  4. Daulat Khan Lodhi
Answer: 1

34) Whom did Shah Jahan appoint as the Governor of Mughal provinces in the Deccan?
  1. Dara Shikoh
  2. Aurangzeb
  3. Shuja
  4. Murad Baksh
Answer : 2

35) Which Mughal emperor assumed the title of Alamgir?
  1. Aurangzeb
  2. Akbar
  3. Babar
  4. Bahadur Shah
Answer: 1

36) In which language did Babar write his autobiography Tuzuk-i-babari?
  1. Arabic
  2. Turki
  3. Persian
  4. Urdu
Answer: 2

37) Who was the third Peshwa?
  1. Shivaji
  2. Balaji Vishwanath
  3. Balaji Baji Rao
  4. Shahji Bhonsle
Answer: 3

38) From whom did Peshwa Baji Rao captured Bassein?
  1. British
  2. Portuguese
  3. Russian
  4. Dutch
Answer: 2

39) What is Chauth?
  1. A type of tax
  2. A type of an army
  3. A type of royal game
  4. A type of territory
Answer: 1

40). Who of the following was the last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?
  1. Aurangzeb
  2. Mohammad Shah
  3. Shah Alam II
  4. Alamgir II
Answer: 2

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 3

41) Who were the ahdis of Akbar's time?
  1. Village level money-lenders
  2. Village guards
  3. Cashiers working in diwani
  4. Foot-soldiers in the army
Answer: 1

42) Which of the great trading center was captured by Ottoman Turks in 1453 A.D?
  1. Baluchistan
  2. Constantinople
  3. Afganistan
  4. Poland
Answer: 2

43) Who among the following was the first Viceroy of Portuguese possessions in India?
  1. Sir Thomas Roe
  2. Barthalomeo Diaz
  3. Francisco-de-Almedia
  4. Alfonso-de-Albuquerque
Answer: 3

44) When did the English East India Company started?
  1. 1600 A.D
  2. 1582 A.D
  3. 1542 A.D
  4. 1664 A.D
Answer: 1

45) Which one of the following became the head quarters of the French settlement in India?
  1. Pondicherry
  2. Port Blair
  3. Mahe
  4. Goa
Answer: 1

46) Charles II the King of England got which state as a part of Dowry?
  1. Goa
  2. Bombay
  3. Delhi
  4. Madras
Answer: 2

47) Who of the following introduced the policy of Sulh-i-kul?
  1. Aurangzeb
  2. Akbar
  3. Humayun
  4. Shahjahan
Answer : 2

48) The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar, was borrowed from the system in -
  1. Turkey
  2. Persia
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Mongolia
Answer: 2

49) When did Sir Thomas Roe arrived at the court of Jahangir?
  1. 1652
  2. 1600
  3. 1615
  4. 1524
Answer: 3

50) Where from the Dutch people belongs?
  1. Poland
  2. Greenland
  3. England
  4. Holland
Answer: 4

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 2

51) Who was the first sailor to start his voyage?
  1. Sindbad
  2. Vasco-da-gama
  3. Bartholomeu Diaz
  4. Columbus
Answer: 3

52) With which of the one of the following country India had commercial contract since time immemorial?
  1. European
  2. Russia
  3. America
  4. Japan
Answer: 1

53) When did the Carnatic Wars were fought?
  1. 1736-1753
  2. 1746-1763
  3. 1746-1767
  4. 1736-1757
Answer: 2

54)Who among the following setup a “Chain of Justice”?
  1. Babur
  2. Sher Shah
  3. Jahangir
  4. Aurangazeb
Answer: 3

55) Who of the following was the revenue minister of Akbar?
  1. Raja Man Singh
  2. Birbal
  3. Faizi
  4. Todar Mal
Answer: 4

56) Buland Darwaza, was built at Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar to commemorate his victory over
  1. Berar
  2. Mewar
  3. Gujarat
  4. Bengal
Answer: 3

57) Who of the following was the author of Badshah Nama?
  1. Inayat Khan
  2. Abdul Hamid Lahori
  3. Gulbadan Begum
  4. Abul Fazl
Answer: 2

58) Which of the following Mughal rulers built the Shalimar Bagh at Srinagar?
  1. Akbar
  2. Shah Jahan
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Jahangir
Answer: 4

59) Which of the following Mughal monuments is not made of marble?
  1. Moti Masjid
  2. Humayun's Tomb
  3. Tomb of Idmat-ud-daula
  4. Taj Mahal
Answer: 2

60)To whom is the Bibi ka Maqbara, a monument built by Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb at Aurangabad dedicated?
  1. Jodha Bai
  2. Mumtaz Begum
  3. Rabia Durrani (Dilras Banu Begum)
  4. Chand Bibi

Answer: 3

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination Part - 1

1) The first Battle of Panipat was fought in which A.D?
  1. 1526
  2. 1536
  3. 1545
  4. 1515
Answer: 1

2) Sher Shah has been called as the “Fore-runner of”?

  1. Humayun
  2. Babur
  3. Akbar
  4. Shah Jahan
Answer: 3

3) Which Mughal ruler earned the title Insan-i-kamil (Perfect Man) for his peaceful personality and patience?

  1. Shahjahan
  2. Humayun
  3. Jahangir
  4. Akbar
Answer: 2

4) The Mughal emperor who wrote his autobiography was :
  1. Akbar
  2. Shahjahan
  3. Humayun
  4. Babar
Answer 4

5) Akbar held his religious discussion in
  1. Jodhabai’s Palace
  2. Panch Mahal
  3. Ibadat Khana
  4. Buland Darwaza
Answer 3

6) Guru Arjun Dev was which numbered Sikh gure?
  1. Second
  2. Fifth
  3. Third
  4. Ninth
Answer: 2

7) Who among the following got the name as Pearl Mosque?
  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Buland Darwaza
  3. Taj Mahal
  4. Moti Masjid
Answer: 4

8) With whose permission did the English set up their first factory in Surat?
  1. Akbar
  2. Jahangir
  3. Shah Jahan
  4. Aurangzeb
Answer : 2

9) The city of Prayag was named Allahabad, the city of Allah by
  1. Aurangzeb
  2. Akbar
  3. Shah Jahan
  4. Bahadur Shah Zafar
Answer :2

10) Where did Jahangir built Shalimar gardens?
  1. Delhi
  2. Srinagar
  3. Nagar Haweli
  4. Kolkata

Answer: 2

Indian History - Important Questions for All Competitive Examination (UPSC. SSC, TNPSC, PSC, KPSC, UPPSC, RRB, TRT-TET)

1. The Treaty of Pondicherry brought which Carnatic war to an end?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Neither A nor B
Answer: B

2. When did Warren Hastings appointed as the Governor of Bengal?
A. 1774
B. 1772
C. 1756
D. 1745
Answer: B

3. Who was the son of Hyder Ali?
A. Tipu Sultan
B. Mir Qasim
C. Qasim Ali
D. None of the above
Answer: A

4. Name the battle where Count-de-Lally was defeated by Sir Eyre Coote.
A. Wandiwash
B. Washinton
C. Turkey
D. England
Answer: A

5. Who introduced Dyarchy?
A. Sir Thomas Roe
B. Dupleix
C. Robert Clive
D. Robert Alphonsa
Answer: C

6. Arcot in the capital of which City?
A. Mahe
B. Wandiwash
C. Buxar
D. None of the above
Answer: D

7. Where was the Supreme Court set up under the Regulating Act?
A. Madras
B. Bombay
C. Calcutta
D. Delhi
Answer: C

8. Who was the first Chief Justice of British India?
A. Sir Morse
B. Sir Blair Roe
C. Sir Thomas
D. Sir Elijah Impey
Answer: D

9. Where did a Board of Revenue setup?
A. Calcutta
B. Madras
C. Bombay
D. Delhi
Answer: A

10. Who was the first Governor General?
A. Clive
B. Robert Olive
C. Warren Hastings
D. Cornwallis
Answer: C

11. When did the Fourth Anglo Mysore war fought?
A. 1789
B. 1779
C. 1788
D. 1774
Answer: B

12. Who is the “Father of Indian Civil Service”?
A. Warren Hastings
B. Cornwallis
C. John Shore
D. Wellesley
Answer: B

13 During the Third Anglo-Mysore war Tipu attacked which Hindu state in south India?
A. Oudh
B. Travancore
C. Carnatic
D. Bangalore
Answer: B

14. When did Lord Cornwallis became the Governor General of Bengal?
A. 1789
B. 1786
C. 1746
D. 1788
Answer: B

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