KV-Librarians Questions Paper with Answer 2013. Date of Exam: 14.12.2013

KV-Librarians Questions Paper with Answer 2013. Date of Exam: 14.12.2013

1. Which one of the following a heritage library? Lalit Kala Library

2. Original name of Asiatic society Library located at Mumbai is - Literary Society

3. Mumbai Marathi Grantha Sangrahalaya was established?-- 1898

4. Currently the central library, Baroda is a–State Central Library

5. Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library is located at–Patna

6. Most of the Public Libraries use-- -Scheme for classification of books DDC

7. In most of the Public Libraries Photocopy service is — a subsidized service

8. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are kept in ___ section of the library? Reference Section

9. Service falls within the extension service-- - Mobile library service.

10.Single handedly without the support of Govt in Jaipur called as Sammati Pustakalaya?

Master Motilalji

11. Who said ―each village should have libraries like we have tanks & Wells?

12. Who organized library piligrimages in andra? Iyyanki Venkata Ramanayya

13. Delhi Society for promotion of Literary & Cultural Activities was formed in the year

14. The RRFL has taken an initiative to develop ___ in collaboration with Nehru Yuvak

Kendra Sangathan. — District Youth Resource Centers(DYRC)

15. International Serials System(ISDS) was established in 1971 by-UNESCO

16. What is the use of the Bookmark in Microsoft Word? -To quickly jump to a specific

location in the Document.

17. Which is the Short cut key for manual line break in an MS word document—shift+Enter

18. Which are the following commands lets you set the vertical alignment of a document in

MS Word? Page setup command from File Menu

19. Minium zoom out percentage supported by MS Word is 10%

20. KWIC indexing method is based on which one of the following?— full text

21. What does the two letters CO represent in the acronym POSDCORB? – Coordination

22. The accession register in the Libraries is prepared to? - accessing the books in an order in

which they are received in the library.

23. Granthalaya jyothi is a collection of the essays and speeches on library movement of ____

from 1910 to 1966? Iyyanki Venkata Ramanayya

24. The Saraswathi Samrajaya Bhavanam is located at? Vijayawada

25. Which one of the following organizations joined the Library association to from CILIP in

2012? Institute of Information Scientists (IIS) in 2002

26. The ILA was founded in the year__1933

27. Who is the author of The law of The Library or Granthalaya Veda ? Iyyanki Venkata

28. Nalanda Database of Indian Libraries was Created by? ILA

29. K P Sinha Committees recommendations pertain to__ Public Library

30. The Association for Information Management is the new name of___ASLIB

31. The UDC is an example of—Almost faceted scheme

32. The Colon Classification Book Number formula comprises 8 elements?

33. How many Tables does the latest edition of DDC contain? 6 Tables

34. The Space Isolates of Colon Classification comprises 2 blocks?

35. The number of cannons for Book Classification as given in Colon Classificationis are 5

36. The book Prolegomena to Classification was brought out by SR Ranganathan in 1937

37. The Call Number of a document comprises Class Number

38. Anglo American (AA) code was published in the year-- -1908

39. IATLIS is a Body of-- -Teachers of Library & Inf. Science

40. Edited works in AACR are entered under? Title of the Document

41. Library of Congress CIP data is found on the-- -back of the title page

42. The number of sections in the Main Entry according to CCC is -- -- 6

43. Medical libraries prefer to use-- - for subject headings–MeSH

44. In India ISSN is allotted by NISCAIR

45. Broad system of Ordering BSO ia a/an Classification Scheme

46. Dr SR Ranganathan has given details of the various jobs performed in a library in

his–Library Administration

47. The name of the Library Management Software by INFLIBNET is-- - SOUL

48. AGRINDEX is the publication of -- - Food and Agriculture Organization FAO

49. SOUL software has 6 modules

50. INDEST consortium id for – Science & Technology

51. INFLIBNET is an autonomous inter - university centre of -- -U.G.C

52. Wall picture principle is a principle of-- - facet sequence

53. Credit for being the first Library Network in India goes to— CALIBNET

54. Which one of the following laws of Library Science advocates Open Access? Fourth Law

55. Which one of the following is not a secondary document? Library Herald

56. __ was the first national Librarian of free India BS Kesavan

57. Which one of the following states enacted the Public Library Act, 2009? — Arunachal


58. How many levels do the Time Isolates have in the colon Classification? 2

59. In main Class __ of Colon Classification first level of [p] has been drawn from

Geographical Divisions. All the above

60. First PhD in LIS was awarded in India by–Delhi University

61. Which one among the following is the permanent record of a Library?—Accession


62. The new Encyclopedia Britannica is in __ parts? 3

63. The frequency of British National Bibliography is–weekly

64. E -granthalaya Library Software has been developed by-- -NIC

65. N- LIST has been developed to benefit __ in India-- - colleges

66. Information on people and places is to be found in -- - Digest

67. In which category of Libraries do overdue charges form an additional source of income

— Academic Library

68. The concept of idea plane, verbal plane and notational plane was developed by -- S R


69. Collection number is a part of—Call Number

70. In India during the British period the Librarians Club was set up in 1919 Calcutta

71. MALA Infozine is a __ of Madras Library Association — news letter

72. CILIP stands for — Charter Institute of library and Information professionals

73. Chattopadhyay Committee was appointed by — Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India

74. The National Mission on Libraries is reconstituted every - years 3 years

75. Library Legislation helps in_ -- improving library services

76. Model Library Bill helps in — Drafting Library Acts

77. Dr SR Ranganathan presented the first Model Library Bill at the – All India Conference

78. Library legislation was enacted for the first time in Independent India by the – Tamil


79. Library cess is not provided for in – state — Maharashtra Public Libraries Act

80. Which one of the following states made library membership compulsory for students on

reaching standards VIII?

81. In which of the following states library dept is cell of the education department?

82. A major activity of RRRLF is to provide __ for library services?

83. Ergonomics is also known as — Human factors engineering

84. Periodical records if maintained manually are maintained in — kardex or a linedex

85. UNESCO defines a book as a bound non periodical publication having– 49 or more pages

86. E - zine is a term used for — small magazines and news letters distributed by any

electronic method

87. Newark charging system was introduce in — year 1900

88. Staff development ensures -- - of employees of a library — personal and professional


89. The Chief qualities and skills required by public library staff is/are Both 1 &2

communication abilities for interacting with various members of the society, ability to

understand the needs of users.

90. Which among the following libraries serves as a depository library of the United Nations?

Delhi public library

91. National Mission on Libraries was established in the year— 2012

92. How many states in India have library legislation as on July 2013? 19 states

93. In Public library guidelines by Bureau of Indian standards have which of the following

details? Space Required for a Library

94. Library Standards are to be followed for the purpose of— exchange of bibliographic


95. The raja ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation has been set up to – provide financial and

other assistance for public library development

96. A Public :Library is required to meet the information needs of the–local community

97. Concept of Reference Service was first initiated by—Samuel S Green

98. The term reference work appeared for the first time in Library Journal in 1891.

99. Library Legislation is related with the development of-- -Public Libraries

100. Who is the executive head and Ex-Officio member secretary of RRRLF—Director