Geography - MCQ for All Competitive Exams Part - 4

211. When does it rains in the Central valley of Chile?
(A) In summer
(B) In winter
(C) Throughout the year
(D) Never
Ans : (B)

212. Which is the biggest river of South America? 
(A) Amazon
(B) Peru
(C) Orinico
(D) Parana-Paraguay
Ans : (A)

213. Where does the river Uruguay fall ?
(A) In Pacific ocean 
(B) Titicaca lake
(C) In Carribean sea 
(D) In Atlantic Ocean
Ans : (D)

214. What is Uspallata in South America?
(A) An animal
(B) A lake
(C) A pass
(D) None of these
Ans : (C)

215. Which one of the following regions, comes under the equatorial climate? 
(A) Desert of Chile 
(B) Amaion-basin
(C) Plain of Brazil 
(D) Pampass
Ans : (B)

216. Which one of the following countries is famous for the production of nitre?
(A) Chile
(B) Brazil
(C) Peru
(D) Columbia
Ans : (A)

217. Which is the biggest port of Argentina?
(A) Bahia Blanca 
(B) Buenos Aires
(C) La Plato
(D) Mar Del Plato
Ans : (B)

218. The capital of Brazil is—
(A) Bahia Blanca
(B) Buenos Aires
(C) La Plato
(D) Brasilia
Ans : (D)

219. The largest units of coir industry are located at—
(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh 
(C) Gujarat
(D) Haryana
Ans : (A)

220. Which country of the South America is known as 'Granary of Europe' ?
(A) Argentina
(B) Chile
(C) Brazil
(D) Bolivia
Ans : (A)

221. Atacama desert is in—
(A) Australia 
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) South America
Ans : (D)

222. The main region of the South America which produces wheat, is—
(A) Peru
(B) Pampas
(C) Brazil
(D) Columbia
Ans : (B)

223. Which country of the South America, is the biggest producer of Petroleum?
(A) Venezuela
(B) Peru
(C) Chile
(D) Brazil
Ans : (A)

224. Which one of the following animals is found in South America?
(A) Lama
(B) Kangaroo
(C) Giraffe
(D) Gorilla
Ans : (A)

225. The highest mountain peak in Africa is—
(A) Kenya
(B) Atlas
(C) Nyasa
(D) Kilimanjaro
Ans : (D)

226. Which one of the following countries is not in Africa?
(A) Kenya 
(B) Nigeria 
(C) Bolivia
(D) Ethiopia
Ans : (C)

227. What is the new name of the island of Madagascar ?
(A) Haitti
(B) Malagasy 
(C) Mozambique
(D) Maputo
Ans : (B)

228. Kimberley, a town of South Africa is famous for—
(A) Diamonds
(B) Goldmines
(C) Poisoneous Snakes
(D) Seaport
Ans : (A)

229. In which part of Africa, Sahara desert is situated?
(A) Northern part
(B) Southern part 
(C) Western part
(D) Eastern part
Ans : (A)

230. Africa is a hot continent, because—
(A) There are many volcanoes
(B) There is a great Sahara desert
(C) The greater part of the continent lies within the equatorial type of climate
(D) This is a big producer of spices
Ans : (C)

231. Which part of Africa has the highest population ?
(A) Valley of the river Niger
(B) Valley of the river Nile
(C) Valley of the river Congo
(D) Valley of the river Zambezi
Ans : (B)

232. Which is the largest lake in Africa?
(A) Tanganyika
(B) Nyasa
(C) Edward
(D) Victoria
Ans : (D)

233. What is said 'veld' in Africa?
(A) Savanna forest 
(B) Equatorial forest
(C) Grass lands 
(D) Tropical forest
Ans : (C)

234. The river Zambezi originates from—
(A) Victoria lake
(B) Western Plateau
(C) Tanganyika lake 
(D) Mt. Atlas
Ans : (B)

235. Which one of the following is not in good number at the sea coasts of Africa?
(A) Rivers
(B) Islands
(C) Lakes
(D) Mountains
Ans : (B)

236. The ore for aluminium is—
(A) Hematite
(B) Bauxite
(C) Laterite
(D) Pyrolusite
Ans : (B)

237. Which one of the following is the largest lake in Rajasthan?
(A) Anasagar
(B) Pichhola
(C) Sambhar
(D) Udaisagar
Ans : (C)

238. In which part of Africa, Uranium is found?
(A) Sahara
(B) Congo basin
(C) Sudan
(D) Rhodesia
Ans : (B)

239. What is the most typical Australian tree?
(A) Oak
(B) Pine
(C) Eucalyptus
(D) Rubber
Ans : (C)

240. What is the main mineral of Australia?
(A) Gold
(B) Silver
(C) Lead
(D) Diamond
Ans : (A)

241. Kalgoorlie and coolgradie mines are in—
(A) Africa
(B) Australia
(C) North America 
(D) Europe
Ans : (B)

242. Murray and Darling rivers fall in—
(A) The gulf of Carpentaria
(B) Pacific ocean
(C) Encounter Bay
(D) Indian ocean
Ans : (C)

243. The capital of Tasmania is—
(A) New castle
(B) Hobart
(C) Launceston
(D) Perth
Ans : (B)

244. What is the chief export from New Zealand?
(A) Wool
(B) Oil
(C) Motor car
(D) Cigarette
Ans : (A)

245. Which part of Australia receives rain throughout the year?
(A) Western part
(B) Eastern part
(C) Southern part 
(D) Northern part
Ans : (D)

246. Which of the following is the chief crop of Australia?
(A) Rice
(B) Maize
(C) Wheat
(D) Potato
Ans : (C)

247. The chief imports of Australia is—
(A) Gold, cotton, iron and rice
(B) Cigarettes, motorcars, cotton clothes, machines and Petroleum
(C) Coal, iron and wool
(D) Meat, wheat, silver and woolen clothes
Ans : (B)

248. The original inhabitants of New Zealand are known as—
(A) Maoris
(B) Bedouins
(C) Magyars
(D) Tartars
Ans : (A)

249. To which side of Australia, Fiji island is situated?
(A) North-west side 
(B) North-east side
(C) In South
(D) In West
Ans : (B)

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