Geography - MCQ for All Competitive Exams Part - 7

320. Soils are usually formed by the process of____
(A) Erosion
(B) Deposition
(C) Denudation
(D) Weathering
Ans : (D)

321. Which group of maps are the large scale maps?
(A) Atlas and wall maps
(B) Themetic and political maps
(C) Physical and weather maps
(D) Cadastral and Tourist Guide maps
Ans : (D)

322. If the R.F. of a map is 1 : 10,00,000 what could be its statement of scale?
(A) 1 cm-l0 km
(B) 1 cm-l km
(C) 1 cm-100 km
(D) 1 cm-l000 km
Ans : (A)

323. Sugar industry in India has a tendency to migrate towards south because—
(A) The soils of South India are highly suitable for cultivation of sugarcane
(B) The climate of South India is more suitable for the production of sugarcane 
(C) The per capita consumption of sugar in the South is more than the North
(D) The winds coming from the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea increase the sugar content in the sugarcane
Ans : (B)

324. Which of the following two rivers are navigable for big distances_____
(A) Godavari and Tungbhadra
(B) Narmada and Tapti
(C) Ganga and Brahamputra
(D) Damodar and Kosi
Ans : (C)

325. Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because____
(A) Its coastal waters are very saline
(B) It has extensive dry coast
(C) It has extensive shallow seas
(D) Its inhabitants are expert in preparing salt
Ans : (A)

326. Which soil is formed differently from the other three soils?
(A) Regur
(B) Bhabar 
(C) Bangar
(D) Khadar
Ans : (A)

327. Amongst the cereals, this has the largest production in India_____
(A) Wheat
(B) Maize
(C) Ric
(D) Barley
Ans : (C)

328. The largest desert in the World is_____
(A) Gobi
(B) Kalahari
(C) Patagonia
(D) Sahara
Ans : (D)

329. Ruhr region is situated in_____
(A) Poland
(B) Russia
(C) Germany
(D) France
Ans : (C)

330. Earthquake waves are recorded in_____
(A) Barograph
(B) Hydrograph
(C) Seismograph 
(D) Pantagraph
Ans : (C)

331. Which of these is young folded mountain? 
(A) The Himalayas
(B) The Vindhyas
(C) The Nilgiris
(D) The Western Ghats
Ans : (A)

332. Ankaleshwar is famous for_____
(A) Gold mining
(B) Petrochemical Industry
(C) Manufacturing Industry
(D) Wheat producton
Ans : (B)

333. Which country imports iron most?
(A) Germany
(B) France
(C) Sweden
(D) Japan
Ans : (D)

334. Chittaranjan is famous for_____
(A) Cotton manufacturing Industry
(B) Sugar Industry
(C) Fertilizer Industry
(D) Locomotive Industry
Ans : (D)

335. Which of the following is not a mineral ?
(A) Slate
(B) Limestone
(C) Coal
(D) Calcite
Ans : (A)

336. Which one is the biggest planet of the Solar system?
(A) Mercury
(B) Earth
(C) Pluto
(D) Jupiter
Ans : (D)

337. Rourkela Steel Plant of Orissa gets its iron ore from_____
(A) Noamundi
(B) Bonai 
(C) Barsua
(D) All above
Ans : (D)

338. 'Meghalaya' is the name given to the region corresponding to_____
(A) Lushai Hill Region
(B) Garo-Khasi Hill Region
(C) Nefa Region
(D) Nagaland
Ans : (B)

339. Which of the following is a port in Persian Gulf?
(A) Port Said
(B) Suez Port 
(C) Eden Port
(D) Bandar Abbas
Ans : (D)

340. The strait of Hormuz joins which of the following water bodies_____
(A) Red sea and Mediterranean sea
(B) Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman
(C) Caspian sea and Black sea
(D) Gulf of Oman and Arabian sea
Answer : (B)

341. Which of the following lies on the left bank of the Ganga?
(A) Kanpur
(B) Patna
(C) Allahabad
(D) Varanasi
Answer : (D)

342. Bhor Ghat gap gives access to the railway link between____
(A) Mumbai and Jalgaon
(B) Mumbai and Pune
(C) Cochin and Coimbatore
(D) Trivandrum and Kanyakumari
Answer : (B)

343. We generally measure the depth of the Sea in—
(A) Feet
(B) Fathoms
(C) Metres
(D) Nautical miles
Answer : (B)

344. Hanging valleys are formed due to the action of_____
(A) River
(B) Glacier
(C) Waves of the ocean
(D) Volcanic eruption
Answer : (B)

345. In the northern hemisphere, due to Ferrel's law the wind is deflected_____
(A) Towards its right
(B) Towards its left
(C) Towards its north
(D) Towards its south
Answer : (A)

346. The largest number of jute mills are located along_____
(A) Ganga Valley
(B) Brahmaputra Valley
(C) Godavari basin
(D) Hooghly basin
Answer : (D)

347. Mettur dam is built on the_____
(A) Godavari river
(B) Krishna river
(C) Kaveri (Cauvery) river
(D) Tungabhadra river
Answer : (C)

348. The phases of moon are caused by_____
(A) The rotation of the earth 
(B) The rotation of the moon
(C) The revolution of the earth
(D) The revolution of the moon
Answer : (B)

349. The average time interval between successive high tide and low tide is_____
(A) 12 hours and 26 minutes
(B) 6 hours and 12 minutes
(C) 24 hours and 52 minutes
(D) 50 minutes
Answer : (C)

350. The planet with the shortest year is_____
(A) Earth
(B) Mercury
(C) Mars
(D) Pluto
Answer : (B