SBI Clerical Exam 2016: Computer Awareness and Marketing Aptitude

1. RAM can be thought of as the _____ for the computer's processor.
Answer: Factory

2. An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is _____
Answer: Memory

3. One thousand bytes is a _____
Answer: Kilobyte

4. Information kept about a file includes ___
Answer: Size

5. Value-added services' means ____
Answer: Additional Services

6. 'Customisations' means____
Answer: Tailor-made products for each customer

7. Market information means___
Answer: Knowledge of customer's tastes

8. Marketing Survey is required for ____
Answer:  Deciding marketing Strategies

9. A Call Centre is ____
Answer: A back office set up where customer queries are answered

10. An Email account includes a storage area,  often called an _____
Answer: Mailbox