Thursday, April 16, 2015

Important Current Affairs

Important Current Affairs
  1. The Number of Health workers in India for every 1000 people  -19
  2. The Winner of the Australian Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton
  3. In 2014-2015 largest arms import country - India
  4. In which bank introduce to offer contactles card in India using NFC technology - ICICI Bank
  5. National Science Day observed on - 28th February
  6. The Present Deputy Chariman of the Rajya Sabha - P.J.Kurien
  7. The New Insurance Law raised foreign investmetn capital in insurance sector to - 49 per cent
  8. The present tiger population in the country - 2226
  9. In which county introduce the Shinkansen bellet train technology - Japan
  10. Who has winner of the 2015 Ranji Trophy - Karnataka
  11. Mudra Bank will be first set up as a subsidiary of - SIDBI
  12. Who will head the task force set up by the NITI Aayog on skill development - Manik Sarkar
  13. Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank located in China
  14. The Modi Effect, Inside Naredra Maodi's Campaign t Transform India, has been written by - Lance Price
  15. In which teams won the Santosh Trophy on 15th March 2015 in Ludhiana - Services
  16. India and Marutius has recenty signed MoU in what is that - "Improvement in sea and air transportation facilities"
  17. India's first private greenfield airport operatational by April located in Durgapur,West Bengal.
  18. Men single winner of Dubai Tennis Championships in 2015 - Roger Federer
  19. What is purpose of in this Programe Name of MGNREGA- Govt. of India has merged the National Mission for a green India, which aims afforestation at 10 Million haectares of land over the next dacade.
  20. R.Chandrasekaran is Chairman of NAASCOM
  21. Baldev Sharma is New Chairman of National Book Trust
  22. The New REPO RATE - 7.5 (announced by Reserve Bank Of India)
  23. The New REVERSE REPO RATE - 6.5 (announced by Reserve Bank Of India)
  24. During the period of March 10 to March 14 - Sri Lanka. Mauritius and Seychelles                                                                                               
General Awareness
  1. In which country winners of the mens kabadi gold in the 17 the Asian Games - India
  2. The 45th International Film Festival of India was recently held in Goa
  3. The Magnet Hill or Gravity Hill is located near in Leh in Ladakh
  4. The stands for IFSC code - Indian Financial System Code
  5. In which Institution has introduced Rupay debit card - NPCI
  6. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research , the National Chemical Laboratory is Located in Pune, Maharastra
  7. In 2014 Urban Mobility India conference was held in New Delhi
  8. R.K.Shanmukham Chetty was presented in first budget of the Independent India on 26.11.1947
  9. NPCI Stands for National Payments Corporation of India
  10. PMJDY acronym for Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ( it was launched in 2014 by Prime Minister of India Naredra Modi)

Few Solved Questions asked in POSTAL ASSISTANT EXAM, Delhi,-22.03.2015


1.The first Delhi Master Plan was drawn in the year of:
  1. 1962
  2. 1965
  3. 1972
  4. 1952
2.The Supreme Court of India function from which place until 1958 when it moved to its present building on Tilak Marg:
  1. Hydrabad House
  2. The Parliament House
  3. Baroda House
  4. The President House
3. The President of India is elected by the members of an electoral college comprising of:
  1. The members of both Houses of the  Parliament
  2. The members of both Houses of the  Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies of the States
  3. The elected members of both Houses of the  Parliament and elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States
  4. The elected members of both Houses of the  Parliament, elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States and the elected members of the local bodies
4.Which of the following Article of Constitution of India entrusts parents with the responsibilities of providing opportunities for education to their children?
  1. Article 21 (A)
  2. Article 51 (A)
  3. Article 45
  4. Article 350 (A)
5.In which case,it was held by the Supreme Court  that 'Preamble is the basic feature of the Constitution'?
  1. In re: Golaknath case
  2. In re: Maneka Gandhi
  3. In re: Minerva Mills
  4. In re: Keshwananda Bharti
6.The first district of India with complete rural broad band coverage is
  1. Salem
  2. Idukki
  3. Gandhinager
  4. Vishakapatnam
7.The book titled 'Forge Your Future' has been authored by:
  1. Mr. Pranab Mukerjee
  2. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  3. Mr. Narendra Modi
  4. Dr. Manmohan Singh 
8 Heena Sidhu is associated with:
  1. archery
  2. shooting
  3. weightlifting
  4. boxing
9.Thomas and Uber Cup is related to which game?
  1. badminton
  2. cricket
  3. tennis
  4. table tennis
10.The three R's which can help us to conserve natural resources  for log term use are:
  1. Recycle, Regenerate, Reuse
  2. Reduce, Regenerate, Reuse
  3. Reduce,  Reuse, Redistribute
  4. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Answer(1): 1
Answer(2): 2
Answer(3): 3
Answer(4): 2
Answer(5): 4
Answer(6): 2
Answer(7): 2
Answer(8): 2
Answer(9): 1
Answer(10): 4

Important Questions for Competitive Exams

1. Avanthika had a good habit of enjoying the greenery around his locality while going to her office by car. one day she stepped to a children park and felt leg pain. Doctor noticed a disease marked by low bone mass and deteriorating structure of bone tissue.What is may the the disease?
  1.  osteoporosis
  2.  arthritis
  3. Joint inflammation
  4.  Arthur’s disease
2. Which of the following is not a part of environmental hygiene?
  1. Follow correct storage and garbage removal procedures
  2. Maintain and clean equipment at the highest standard of hygiene
  3. Carry personal hygiene kits (bum bags) with gloves and mask
  4. Wash your hands regularly
3. Which of the following is a hazard that can cause injury or harm in your place?
  1. Spills and slippery surfaces like water, food and oil
  2. Incorrect storage of LPG cylinder 
  3. Environmental conditions such as sun exposure
  4. All of the above
4. Which of the following option is correct in relation to HIV/AIDS?
  1. one of the greatest challenges facing the. world in the 2lst century
  2. an emergency of an unprecedented nature
  3. a global disaster and threat to the world population
  4. all of the above
5.The stages of risk management principles is/are
  1. Hazard control
  2. Hazard maintenance
  3. both 1 & 2
  4. none of the the above
6. Kavya is a poor eater. That's what her mother planned to prepared a list of  eatables that are enrich with proteins? The reason behind her this decision is, because protein
  1.  improve mental clarity
  2.  builds enzymes, muscles, tissues, hormones and red blood cells
  3.  provide the body with energy
  4.  build muscle strength and endurance
7.Why today's ladies are shifting themselves to materials (including eatables, soaps, facial creams etc) based on antioxidants ?
  1. They may create free radicals
  2. They may be effective in fighting obesity
  3. They may reduce the risk of aging ­related diseases
  4. They may build muscle strength and endurance
8.How one can check for breathing?
  1. Look, touch, feel
  2. Look, listen, feel
  3. Listen, look, touch
  4. All of the above
9. What symptom of anorexia nervosa?
  1. Cold intolerance
  2. Increased susceptibility infection
  3. Skeletal muscle atrophy
  4. All of the above
10.How many moles does the average person have?
  1. 10 to 15
  2. 20 to 40
  3. 16 to 30
  4. 60 to 80


Answer(1): 1
Answer(2): 4
Answer(3): 4
Answer(4): 4
Answer(5): 3
Answer(6): 2
Answer(7): 3
Answer(8): 2
Answer(9): 4
Answer(10): 2 

Important Questions for Competitive Exams

1.Consider Kirthika has a hammer weighing 3 kg. If its velocity = 10 m/s, strikes against the head of a spike and drives it into a block of wood. Gradually the hammer comes to rest in 0.025 s. Now, what should be the impulse of the ball?
  1. 20Ns
  2. 30Ns
  3. 35Ns
  4. 25Ns
2.Which of the following has boundary layer
  1. flow of real fluids
  2. flow of ideal fluids
  3. both of the above
  4. none of the above
3.What is a large Reynold number indication?
  1. It is an indication of laminar flow of the fluid
  2. It is an indication of steady flow of the fluid
  3. It is an indication of highly turbulent flow of the fluid 
  4. both 1 & 2
4. Among which one of the following had proposed the first law of thermodynamics as a special case?
  1. Newton's law
  2. Joule's Law
  3. Green's Law
  4. Charle's Law
5.Which one of the following is the supporting statement for- " The temperature of a gas is the measure of"
  1. average distance between gas molecules
  2. average kinetic energy between the gas molecules 
  3. average potential energy between the gas molecules 
  4. average momentum between the gas molecules
6.In a turbulant flow the shear stress is caused by
  1. density of the fluid
  2. volume of the fluid
  3. eddy viscosity of the fluid
  4. dynamic adhesive force between the fluid molecules
7.What does the diesel cycle consist of?
  1. 2 isothermal+1 constant pressure+ 1 constant volume pressure
  2. 2 adiabatic +2 constant volume pressure
  3. 2 adiabatic +1 constant pressure+ 1 constant volume pressure
  4. 2 isothermal+ 2 constant pressure
8.Which among the given below option is related to Newton's well known phrase - ‘quantity of motion’?
  1. momentum
  2. force
  3. acceleration due to gravity
  4. all of the above
9.Which one of the following is the correct reason for the absence of atmosphere on the moon? 
  1. Because the escape velocity of gas molecules is less than their root mean square velocity.
  2. Because it is closer to the earth
  3. Because it revolves round the earth
  4. both 2 & 3
10.Consider that you have two objects well named as A and B. Where A has a mass of 6 kg and B has a mass of 34 kg respectively. Then
  1.  A has more inertia than B
  2.  B has more inertia than A
  3.  both 1 & 2
  4.  none of the above 


Answer(1) : 2
Answer(2) : 1
Answer(3) : 3
Answer(4) : 4
Answer(5) : 1
Answer(6) : 3
Answer(7) : 3
Answer(8) : 1
Answer(9) : 1
Answer(10) : 2

Few Solved Questions Asked by UPPSC-30.03.2014

Few Questions Asked by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for Subordinate Agriculture Service Grade -III Exam

1.The number of Agro-Climatic Zones in India is
  1. 10
  2. 15
  3. 20
  4. 25
2.The quantity of urea needed for applying 120 kg nitrogen to rice will be
  1. 240 kg
  2. 250 kg
  3. 260 kg
  4. 270 kg
3.Which of the following manure is considered is bio- fertilizer?
  1. farm yard manure
  2. compost
  3. green manure
  4. blue green algae
4.The average yield of sugarcane in Northern India is low as compared to the Southern India because of
  1. varietal variability
  2. soil fertility status
  3. climatic condition
  4. crop management
5.Phalaris minor weed is an associated weed with crop
  1. wheat 
  2. maize
  3.  rice
  4. chick pea
6. Sugandha -5 is a variety of which crop?
  1. maize
  2.  rice
  3. moong
  4. pea
7.The botanical name for Berseem is
  1. Trifolium alexandrium
  2. Trifolium repens
  3. Trifolium pratense
  4. Trifolium incarnatum
8. The period between maximum tillering and panicle initiation is known as
  1. transplanting stage
  2. seedling stage
  3. vegetative lag phase stage
  4. tillering stage
9.The time of planting  of main crop of potato in Northern plain is
  1. first fortnight of October
  2. second fortnight of October
  3. first fortnight of November
  4. second fortnight of November
10.Which herbicide is recomended for the control of the weeds in Urdbean?
  1. Atrazine
  2. 2,4-D
  3. Simazine
  4. Fluchloralin

Answer (1): 2
Answer (2): 3
Answer (3): 4
Answer (4): 3
Answer (5): 3
Answer (6): 3
Answer (7): 1
Answer (8): 4
Answer (9): 1
Answer (10): 2

CSIR Madras Complex Invited for the Post of Assistant

CSIR Madras Complex
(Counsil of Scientific & Industrial Research)
CSIR Campus,Taramani,Chennai- 600 113.

CSIR Madras Complex invited for the post of Assistant Grade In Hindi in the scale of Rs.5200-20200

Name of the Post: 
  1. Assistant (General) Grade-III (Hindi)
  2. Assistant (Stores & Purchase) Grade-III
Scale of Pay: Rs.5200-20200 + Grade Pay 1900/- per month

Age Limit: 28 Years

Important Dates
  • Online Submission Last Date: 20.04.2015
  • Hard copy of print-out online application Last Date: 30.04.2015 
Mode of Selection: Based on Computer examination

  1. Assistant (General) Grade-III (Hindi): 10+2/XII or its equivalent and typing speed of 30 w.p.m in Hindi on Computer
  2. Assistant (Stores & Purchase) Grade-III: 10+2/XII or its equivalent and typing speed of 35 w.p.m in English on Computer. 
How to apply: Interested and Eligible candidates should be apply online only through the CSIR website link before the last date of online submission and filled prinout online application should be reach the last date to following address.
CSIR Madras Complex,
Chennai- 600 113.

For more information, Educational Qualification and Age limit, Experience general instruction and other related details are available at the following link given below:
1.CSIR Website Link:
2.Advertisement PDF Link:

CSIR Madras Complex Invited for the Post of Research Intern

CSIR Madras Complex
(Counsil of Scientific & Industrial Research)
CSIR Campus,Taramani,Chennai- 600 113.


Name of the Post: Research Intern for CSIO Centre, Chennai

Stipend: Rs.15000/-per month

Duration: 2 years

Date of Interview: 29.04.2015

Venue:CSIR Campus,Taramani,Chennai- 600 113.

Qualification: B.E/ B.Tech in the area of EEE/E&I/Computer Science in First class

For more details pleas go through the website link: 
1.CSIR Website Link:
2.Advertisement PDF Link:

Important Questions for Competitive Exams

1.Which one of the following is central idea of Decision making theorist’s 
  1. Specific decisions makers who speak and act in the name of a State
  2. impact of domestic politics on foreign policy decisions
  3. Actual or objective environment that influence foreign policy decisions
  4. both 1 & 2
2. The view “State comes into existence for the sake of life and it continues for the sake of good life” is presented in flash by
  1. Aristotle
  2. Peter Blair
  3. T.H. Green
  4. Plato
3.Who among the following called attention to the environmental factor in decision­making approach?
  1. Graham Allison and Ole Holsti
  2. Harold and Margaret Sprout
  3. J.W Burton and Plato
  4. Talcott Parsons and Mc Olive 
4.A well -built emphasis on justice was proposed by:
  1. Socrates
  2. Aristotle
  3. Herodotus
  4. both 1 & 2
5.Who among the following proposed the concept of ‘Surplus Value’? 
  1. Mao
  2. Lenin
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Plato
6. The Spirit of Laws was written by
  1. J.S. Mill
  2. Edmund Burk
  3. Charles Blair
  4. None of the above 
7. Who among the following is related to the statement- “Law is the command of a determinate sovereign”?
  1. John Austin
  2. Laski
  3. Bentham
  4. None of these
8.Pakistan achieved his Republic during the year of
  1. 1947
  2. 1949
  3. 1951
  4. 1956
9.Aristotle believed in- " the end of state is"
  1. Legal
  2. Economic
  3. Ethical
  4. None of these.
10. Which of the following concept is related to the Indian parliament?
  1.  Bicameral
  2.  Tricameral
  3.  Tetracameral
  4.  None of these

Answer(1): 3
Answer(2): 1
Answer(3): 2
Answer(4): 2
Answer(5): 3
Answer(6): 4
Answer(7): 1
Answer(8): 4
Answer(9): 3
Answer(10): 1

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