[ Online Quiz } Important Questions for TNPSC All Examination - 62

In this Quiz covered for important questions from various TNPSC Exams. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1. Gymnosperms are?
    1.  closed seeded plants
    2.  aquatic plants
    3.  open seeded plants
    4.  non-flowering plants

  2. Cellular respiration occurs in?
    1.  centromere
    2.  nucleus
    3.  golgi complex
    4.  mitochondria

  3. The nitrogen fixing bacterium present  in the root of leguminous plant is?
    1.  rhizobium
    2.  pseudomonas
    3.  salmonella
    4.  clostridium

  4. Algae and fungi are collectively known as?
    1.  Bryophytes
    2.  Pteridophytes
    3.  Spermatophytes
    4.  rhizobium

  5. Numerical changes in chromosomes are known as?
    1.  Aneuploidy
    2.  Euploidy
    3.  Allopolyploidy
    4.  Polyploidy

  6. Which of the following is responsible for an increase in blood sugar level by stimulating the dissolution of glycogen granules and consequent movement of soluble glucose into blood?
    1.  Insuling
    2.  Glucagon
    3.  Thyroxine
    4.  Diphtheria vaccine

  7. Which of the following is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characters of the female and for the development of female sexual organ?
    1.  Estradiol
    2.  Relaxing
    3.  Aldosterone
    4.  Progesterone

  8. Which one is the most precious part, the soul and key to the constitution?
    1.  Independence of Judiciary
    2.  Disrective Principles of State Policy
    3.  Fundemental Rights
    4.  Preamble

  9. Which commission had recommended that the Scheduled Caste Status be delinked from religion?
    1.  Administrative Reforms Commission
    2.  Constitution Review Commission
    3.  National Commission for Religious and Linguistic minorities
    4.  National Commission for Scheduled Castes /  Scheduled Tribes

  10. Who has the power to appoint additional judges for the clearance of areas of work in High Court?
    1.  Chief Justice of India
    2.  Chief Justice of High Court
    3.  Governor of the State
    4.  President of India