[ Online Quiz } Important Questions for TNPSC All Examination - 68

In this Quiz covered for important questions from various TNPSC Exams. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1.  When a particle moves in a circle with a uniform speed?
    1.  its acceleration is constant but the velocity changes
    2.  its velocity and acceleation are both constant
    3.  its velocity and acceleration both change
    4.  its velocity is constant but the acceleration changes

  2. Paul's exclusion prinicple states that in an atom?
    1.  two electrons can have all the quantum numbers same
    2.  all electrons can have all the quantum numbers same
    3.  particles with integer and half integer spin cannot exist in the same state
    4.  no two electrons can have all the quantum number same

  3. Expand NACO:
    1.  National AIDS Control Organisation
    2.  National AIDS Commissions
    3.  National Agricultural Corporations
    4.  National Academic Council for Orphanage

  4. The software which was developed for precise prediction and forecasting of haemonchosis in sheep is?
    1.  ORANGE
    2.  SPSS
    3.  WEKA
    4.  FROGIN

  5. Sarva Shiksha abhiyan is one of India's programmes for?
    1.  Higher Education
    2.  Higher Secondary Education
    3.  Secondary Education
    4.  Elementary Education

  6. National Population Educational Project was launched in the year?
    1.  1988
    2.  1980
    3.  1978
    4.  1970

  7. CSIR stand for?
    1.  Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
    2.  Commission of Space and Industrical Research
    3.  Council of Space and Industrial Research
    4.  Commission of Scientific and Industrial Research

  8. Which one of the following is the seond largest Indian state in 
    geographical area?
    1.  Maharashtra
    2.  Tamil Nadu
    3.  Rajastan
    4.  Madhya Pradesh

  9. Pancharatna kirtanas were the compositions of which composer?
    1.  Muthusamy Dikshitar
    2.  Shyama Shastri
    3.  Thyararaja
    4.  Balusami Dishitar

  10. Who founded the Theosophical Society?
    1.  Dr.Rukmani Arundale.
    2.  Dr.Rukmani Devi
    3.  Dr.Muthulakshmi
    4.  Dr.Annie Besant