{Online Quiz } Important General Knowledge questions for TNPSC Examination - 53

In this Quiz covered for important General Knowledge questions from various TNPSC Exams. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1. The determines the salaries and allowances of the ministers in a State?
    1.  Parliament
    2.  Governor
    3.  State Legislature
    4.  Chief Minister

  2. The Lok Sabha Secretariat works under the direct supervision of?
    1.  The President of India
    2.  The Prime Minister of India
    3.  The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs
    4.  The Speaker

  3. Find the odd one out?
    1.  Official Language Commission
    2.  Finance Commission
    3.  Election Commission
    4.  Niti Aayog

  4. Order the following states according to the agriculture Income Tax they paid?
    1.  Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Mysore, Tamilnadu and West Bengal
    2.  Jammu and Kashmir, Mysore, Tamilnadu, West Bengal and Assam
    3.  Tamil Nadu, Mysore and West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Assam
    4.  Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Mysore and West Bengal

  5. India's economic growth rate in the tenth 5 year plan period was (2002-2007)?
    1.  4.5 %
    2.  8.0 %
    3.  6.5 %
    4.  7.6 %

  6. Which one of the following was a reason for the failure of talks held at the Simla Conference in 1945?
    1.  The congress boycotted it
    2.  Jinnah insisted that all Muslim members of the executive council must be nominated by Muslim League
    3.  The Dominion status suggested by the Viceroy was not acceptable to both Congress and Muslim League
    4.  The Viceroy was in different to demands of cogress

  7. The greatest Indian since Gautama Buddha and the greates man the world has been since Jesus Christ. Who described Gandhi like this?
    1.  Dr.J.H.Holmes
    2.  A.O.Hume
    3.  Dr.Pattabhi Sitaramayya
    4.  Mr. Norman Cousins

  8. Regarding the Freedom Struggle which of the following events is / are not true?
    1.  The Partition of Bengal was modified in 1910
    2.  The Moplah Rebellian took place in 1921
    3.  The Communal Award was announced in 1932
    4.  Cripps Mission Proposal on 1940

  9. Fourth Mysore War was happened in the year of?
    1.  1806
    2.  1857
    3.  1799
    4.  1798

  10. When the heat is conducted from one place to another place without any medium, then such a process of heat conduction is known as?
    1.  Conduction of heat
    2.  Vaporization of heat
    3.  Convection of heat
    4.  Radiation of heat