{ Online Quiz } General Studies (Science) - 37 for TNPSC

In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions important and repeated asked questions for TNPSC Exam are marked as red color also. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1. The best example of impulse force is?
    1.  a man pushing a cart
    2.  a boat being rowed
    3.  a car being towed
    4.  a bullet hitting a target

  2. Hooke's law obeys in the?
    1.  permanent set range
    2.  elastic limit
    3.  plastic range
    4.  elastic range

  3. In a cantilever as it is loaded at one end, the neutral filament of the beam?
    1.  remains constant
    2.  extends its length
    3.  changes its length non uniformly
    4.  shortans its length

  4. Acceleration due to gravity for earth?
    1.  large at poles and small at equator
    2.  constant at poles and at equator
    3.  small at poles and large at equator
    4.  zero at poles and maximum at equator

  5. When a substance is dissolved in a liquid, the boiling point of liquid is?
    1.  Unchanged
    2.  lowered
    3.  both a and b
    4.  raised

  6. Refrigeration works as a?
    1.  Carnot's engine in a heat engine
    2.  Carnot's engine in an irreversible process
    3.  Carnot's engine without adiabatic process
    4.  Carnot's engine in a reversible process

  7. When a train crosses a person standing on the platform, the pitch of the whistle of the train?
    1.  increases
    2.  decreases
    3.  increases and then decreases
    4.  decreases and then increases

  8. Which one of the following genera has a sporangium bearing only spores?
    1.  Marchantia
    2.  Pellia
    3.  Athoceros
    4.  Riccia

  9. OTU is?
    1.  Optional Transgenic Units
    2.  Opinion Transition Units
    3.  Operational Taxonomic Units
    4.  Open Transformic Unit

  10. Genera Plantarum includes?
    1.  97,705 Species
    2.  92,750 Species
    3.  97,250 Species
    4.  97,20Species