{ Online Quiz } General Studies - 36 for TNPSC Exam

In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions important and repeated asked questions for TNPSC Exam are marked as red color also. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1. Which was the port of Indus Valley Civilization?
    1.  Harappa
    2.  Mohanjadaro
    3.  Lothal
    4.  Surkotada

  2. MIME stands for?
    1.  Multimedia Input Mail Extensions
    2.  Multipurpose Input Mail Extensions
    3.  Multipurpose Internet Multimedia Extensions
    4.  Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

  3. Who was the founder of the Tuluva Dynasty?
    1.  Veera Narasimha
    2.  Saluva Narasimha
    3.  Krishnadevaraya
    4.  Achyuta Raya

  4. The English Journal of Revolt was founded by?
    1.  Dr.T.M. Nair
    2.  Ramalinga Vallalar
    3.  Annie Besant
    4.  E.V.Ramasamy

  5. Which of the following statement is not correct?
    1.  Black Soil is mostly found in Gujarat, Maharastra and M.P
    2.  Black Soil has black colour
    3.  Black Soil can be divited into deep black, middile black and light black
    4.  Black Soil is ideal for Wheat Cutivation

  6. The chairman of Public Accounts committee is appointed by the:
    1.  The Prime Minister
    2.  Speaker of the Lok Sabha
    3.  President
    4.  Union Finance Minister

  7. The definition of kinetic energy for a rotating body about a fixed axis requires?
    1.  Moment of inertia only
    2.  Angular Velocity Only
    3.  Moment of inertia and angular velocity
    4.  None of these

  8. A force act on a body at rest and accelerates the same, then which of the following is true?
    1.  The greater the inertia the greater the acceleration
    2.  The acceleration is independent of inertia
    3.  A and B correct
    4.  The greater the inertia the lesser the acceleration

  9. Two balls of different masses have the same kinetic energy. The ball having greater momentum will be?
    1.  lighter one
    2.  heavier one
    3.  both the masses
    4.  cannot say

  10. A particle is going round a circular path with constant speed. Therefore it is moving with?
    1.  Constant Velocity
    2.  Constant Acceleration
    3.  Constant Momentum
    4.  None of these