{ Answer Key } Download TNPSC Librarian Post Date of Exam: 01.08.2015

TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission) conducted today (01.08.2015) 29 Librarian Post in Various Department based on Degree, Diploma and Certificate Standard of Library and Information Science. Here published for Answer keys for Librarian post. Candidates can check their answered questions paper. All the Best.

Degree Standard Examination Answer keys

Date of Exam: 01.08.2015

Question Type: LIS/15

1.The latin term liber from which the word library derived means

Answer: A (Book)

2. When was " Delivery of Books and Newspaper Act" passed

Answer: A (1954)

3. Books of Copyright Act, 1957 (India) amended in 

Answer: D (1984)

4. Sea Customs act of 1962 censor and ban foreign publication in

Answer: A (India)

5. FID was founded in the year 1895 at

Answer: A (Brussels)

6. Indian Association of Teacher of Library and Information Science was founded in 

Answer: B (1969)

7. CDS/ISIS was distributed in India was 

Answer: D (NISSAT)

8. Indian Library Association was founded in the year

Answer: B (1933)

9. Gazatteer is a source of

Answer: A (Geographical Information)

10. 'What does IFLA stands for?' is an example of which service?

Answer: B (Ready Reference Service)

11. Guiness book of world record is published from

Answer: B (London)

12. Indexing is a part of

Answer: A (Documentation Service)

13 What is Index India?

Answer: C (Indexing Service)

14. INSPEC Database is produced by

Answer: C ( Institution of Electrical Engineers)

15. Which of the following is not the power of Local Library Authority?

Answer: B (Closing Library)

16. Who adopted the catch word "POSDCORB"?

Answer: C (Luther Gulick)

17. " Unity of Command" is associated with

Answer: B (Joint Responsibility)

18. Classification of reading materials is associated with

Answer: A (Technical Section)

19. Who wrote the book " Book Binding for Librarians"?


20. Which of the following is not the criteria for selection periodicals?

Answer: D (Recommendation of the publisher)

21. Which of the following publish the list of periodicals which are spare with libraries?

Answer: C (Library Association Record)

22. What is the name of the instrument marketed by  Remington   Rand of India Ltd for Periodical Registration?

Answer: B (Kardex)

23. The statement " Type along the dotted line, then fold back or detach this stub" found in the card printed by?


24. What is the main source of income for Public Libraries?

Answer: C (Library Cess)

25. The 7th Edition of CC was published?

Answer: D (Sarada Ranganathan Endowment)

26. Principles of Book classification in the Library Association Record authored by?

Answer: A (E.W. Hulme)

27. Who is the Deviser of DDC?

Answer: C (Melwin Dewey)

28. The first edition of " Library of Congress Classification was published in

Answer: A (1905)

29. The expansive classification was published in

Answer: B (1891)

30. The DDC was first published in the year

Answer: B (1876)

31. Canons formulated by S.R.Ranganathan for 

Answer: C (Classification)

32. Dr. S.R.Ranganathan stated that: Adoption of Pre-natal Classification and Cataloguing of all home produced book by the National Central Library of a country would save

Answer: 90 percent

33.Which is the connection symbol of energy?

Answer: C (Colon)

34. Indian National Bibliography produced by

Answer: Central Reference Library

35. The term 'Pre-natal Cataloguing used by

Answer: D (S.R.Ranganathan)

36. An entry that is made for the subject of chapter in a book is referred to as 

Answer: D (Book Index Entry)

37. Who designed analytical engine?

Answer: A (Charles Babbage)

38. Who is bringing out the ISBDs?

Answer: B (IFLA)

39. In which year was Library of Congress subject heading published?

Answer: D (1898)

40. To which classification Number does Sears List of subject Heading link?

Answer: C (DDC Number)

41. In which year was ALA Committee brought out ALA list of Subject Headings?

Answer: C (1895)

42. The Index entries and reference are brought together in PRESIS indexing by

Answer: B (Alphabetical)

43. KWOC stands for

Answer :  B (Kewword Out of Context)

44. POPSI is 

Answer: C (Pre-Coordinate Indexing System)

45.Which type of computers are most suitable for use in the libraries

Answer: C (Digital)

46. Which of these is a multi user-open source operating system?

Answer: B (UNIX)

47. In the binary system of numbers, 100 represents the decimal number

Answer: D (4)

48. 1 Gigabyte (GB) is 

Answer: C (1024 MB) 

49.  Which among these is a pointing device

Answer: D (Lighting Pens) 

50. Which is output device of computer?

Answer: D (Plotter)

51. Arrange the following is chronological order of their origin:

Answer: B (ii,i,iv,iii) 

52. Windows edition of CDS/ISIS is named as

Answer: A (WINISIS)

53. MS-DOS is a 

Answer: C (Single user) 

54. Advisory Committee for libraries was set up by Government of India under the Chairmanship of 

Answer: D (K.P Sinha) 

55. Which law of Library Sciences is related with the growth of the Libraries

Answer: D (Fifth Law of Library Science)

56. Which University in India had First Library Library Committee?

Answer: B (Calcutta University)

57. According to Madras Public Library Act 1948, a branch library in a village with population less than 

Answer: Publish Soon

58. Which section of the Madras Public Libraries Act, 1948 empowers a local library authority to levy cess?

Answer: 12 (1) (a) Section of the act
59. Which one is not indexing service?

Answer: Come Soon

60. International Information System on Research in Documentation established by

Answer: C (ASLIB)

61. UNESCO public Library Manifesto was published in the year

Answer: A (1972)

62. Union Catalogue of periodicals in the Libraries of South Asia was compiled by

Answer: A (IASLIC)

63. What do you mean by biographical source of information

Answer: A (Which has biographies of the persons)

64. Which category of sources of information are directories?

Answer: A (Tertiary)

65. Which year INSPEC was started? 

Answer: C (1967) 

66. Which organisation supported in India the Information Policy?

Answer: B (NISSAT)

67. Indian Science Abstract is being published by

Answer: C (INSDOC)

68." MBO" means

Answer: Management By Objectives

69. Who is the Secretary of the College Library Committee?

Answer: Librarian

70. Adhoc Committee is also called as

Answer: A (Statutory Authority Committee)

71. What is the size of the charging tray used in the counter under Browne Charging system?

Answer: Come soon

72. Browne Charging system was developed by

Answer: N.E.Browne

73. The replacement of book in the proper places of shelves at regular intervals is called as

Answer: B (Self Rectification)

74. Which of the following is the essence of Open Access System?

Answer: D (Right of reader to take away any book)

75. Most of the periodicals do not provide__________ in their volumes.

Answer: D (Diagrams)

76. Ulrich International Periodical Directory is used for which of the following?

Answer: A (Current Periodicals)

77. Three cards system in libraries are mainly used for

Answer: C (Acquisition and control of serials)

78. Which budgeting does not take into account what happened in the past but emphasis on current activities

Answer: D (Zero-based Budget)

79. The 20th Edition of DDC consists of __________tables.

Answer: C (7)

80. What symbol does colon (:) denote in fundamental category?

Answer: C (Energy)

81. The Term of Mnemonic originated from a Greek Word. What does it mean in classification?

Answer: C (To remember)

82. In classification, the sequence of two isolate ideas in an array is determined by the

Answer: B ( Principles of Array)

83. ''Biotechnology" is an example of how knowledge grows by

Answer: A (Fusion)

84. NPAC stands for

Answer: A (National Programme for Acquisitions and Cataloguing)

85. E.C.Richardson defines notation as

Answer: B (" A shorthand Sign)

86. First International Conference on Bibliography held at

Answer: A (Paris)

87. Classified Catalogue Code was published in the year

Answer: C (1934)

88. EPROM  is types of

Answer: D (ROM)

89. What is software for a computer?

Answer: D (set of Programmes)

90. Which is the apex body of Madras Public Libraries Act?

Answer: D (State Library Committee)

91. What is the cataloguing that refers to any reduction in the amount of catalogue?

Answer: B (Cooperative Cataloguing)

92. SLSH stands for

Answer: C (Sears List of Subject Headings)

93. In PRESIS, the index entries are generated in format of ?

Answer: A (tow line, three part)

94. Which one of the following is not a primary operator of the PRECIS system?

Answer: B (Location)

95. What does PROM stand for?

Answer: C (Programmable Read Only Memory)

96. Identify the correct of the evolution of computers?

Answer: D (Mainframe, Micro, PC-AT, PC-XT)

97. Which is not a input device?

Answer: D (Plotter)

98. MS-DOS was developed by?

Answer: B (Microsoft)

99. CDS/ISIS software is distributed in India by?

Answer: A (NISSAT)

99. CDS/ISIS software is distributed in India by?

Answer: A (NISSAT)

100. Which year DELNET was registered as a society?

Answer: A (1992)