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Maternal and Science Health Officer Post Announced by TNPSC Last Date: 20.08.2015 Qualification: Degree in Nursing

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)
Government of Tamil Nadu
Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Notification No: 11/2015        Dated:31.07.2015

Last Date: 20.08.2015

Vacancy Details

Name of the Post: Maternal and Science Health Officer

Number of Post: 89

Reservation: Refer the Notification Link

Scale of Pay - Rs.9300-34800/- +G.P Rs.4700/- Per Month

Age Limit: as on 01.07.2015
  1. 30 Years 
  2. For SC’s, SC(A)’s, ST’s, MBC’s/DC’s, BC’s, BCM’s and DW’s candidates - No Age Limit
Educational Qualification: 
  • B.Sc.(Nursing) degree or
  • B.Sc.(Public Health Nurse) Degree And
  • Must have a Certificate of registration in section I-A or I-B of the Register of Nurses under the Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Act, 1926 (Tamil Nadu Act-III of 1926) and 
  • A Certificate of registration in section I-C of the register of Midwives under the Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Act 1926 (Tamil Nadu Act – III of 1926)
Examination Fee:  Rs.175/- (Examination Fee Rs.125 /- + Cost of Application Rs.50/-) 

No Examination Fee for SC/SCA/ST candidates. But they are no exemption for Cost of Application Rs.50/-

Mode of Payment: On-line Payment/Off-line Payment
  • On-line Payment (Net Banking, Credit card/Debit card)
  • Off-line Payment (Post Office or Indian Bank)
Offline mode of payment in the form of Demand Draft/Postal Order etc., will not be accepted

How to apply: Interested and Eligible candidates should apply through Online Only 

Important Dates:
  • Date of Notification - 31.07.2015 
  • Last Date for Submission of Applications  - 20.08.2015 
  • Last Date for Payment of Fee through Bank or Post Office - 22.8.2015
  • Date of Examination  - 20.09. 2015 
Date of Exam(Objective Type of Question)
    • Paper-I:- Nursing in Degree Standard
    • Paper: -II - General Studies - Degree Standard - 100 questions - Objective Type (General Studies -75 and Aptitude and Mental Ability -25 questions ) - Date: 06.09.2015 Time of Exam: 2.30 P.M. to 4.30 P.M.  
    • Interview and Records  - 70 Marks
    Examination Centre: Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore

    Official Website: or 

    Click Here Notification

    Click Here Online Application 

    { Online Quiz } General Studies for Science - 80

    In this Quiz covered for important Science questions. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

    1. When was presented John Dalton Atom theory?
      1.  1908
      2.  1898
      3.  1808
      4.  1809

    2. The elements with same atomic number but different atomic mass are called?
      1.  Isobars
      2.  Isotones
      3.  Polymers
      4.  Isotopes

    3. The valency of noble gas is?
      1.  0
      2.  5
      3.  8
      4.  11

    4. Protium is an isotope of?
      1.  Nitrogen
      2.  Oxygen
      3.  Helium
      4.  Hydrogen

    5. Nucleus of an atom contains?
      1.  Proton and electron
      2.  Neutron and electron
      3.  Proton, electron and neutron
      4.  Proton and neutron

    6. The relative charge of neutron is?
      1.  +1
      2. 0
      3.  -1
      4.  None of these

    7. Which one of the following is a real fish?
      1.  Cuttle fish
      2.  Silver fish
      3.  Dog fish
      4.  Jelly fish

    8. Angiosperms have?
      1.  Naked seeds
      2.  Body not differentiated into roots, stems and leaves
      3.  Exposed seeds
      4. Seeds contained fruits

    9. Which one of the following is a mammal?
      1.  Crocodile
      2.  Scoliodon
      3. Whale
      4.  Turtle

    10. Who gave the binomial system of classification?
      1. Lamarck
      2.  Robert Hooke
      3.  Darwin
      4.  Linnnaeus

    CTET - September 2015 Exam Last Date: 19.08.2015

    CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) September 2015 Exam Announced by Central Board of Secondary Education.

    Last Date: 19.08.2015

    Importance of CTET Exam 
    • The CTET as a minimum qualification for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher is as under:
    • National standards and benchmark of teacher quality in the recruitment process
    Who are the Eligibility to write the CTET Exam 2015

    Minimum Educational Qualifications for becoming Teacher for Classes I-V (Primary Stage):
    • Senior Secondary with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 2- year Diploma in Elementary Education OR
    • Senior Secondary with at least 45% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 2- year Diploma in Elementary Education (by whatever name known), in accordance with the NCTE (Recognition Norms and Procedure), Regulations, 2002. OR
    • Senior Secondary with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 4- year Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed). OR
    • Senior Secondary (or its equivalent) with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 2- year Diploma in Education (Special Education)*.OR
    • Graduation and passed or appearing in final year of two year Diploma in Elementary Education 
    Minimum Qualifications for becoming Teacher for Classes VI-VIII: Elementary Stage
    • Graduation and passed or appearing in final year of 2-year Diploma in Elementary Education OR
    • Graduation with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in 1-year Bachelor in Education (B.Ed).OR
    • Graduation with at least 45% marks and passed or appearing in 1- year Bachelor in Education (B.Ed), in accordance with the NCTE OR
    • Senior Secondary (or its equivalent) with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 4- year Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed). OR
    • Senior Secondary (or its equivalent) with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in final year of 4- year B.A/B.Sc.Ed or B.A.Ed/B.Sc.Ed.OR
    • Graduation with at least 50% marks and passed or appearing in 1-year B.Ed. (Special Education)*.
    How to Apply: Candidates Should apply through Online Only. May go there in following link for online application:

    When will the conduct for CTET Exam 2015:
    CTET exam will be conducted on 10.09.2015. So the candidates should apply before the last date of 19.08.2015.

    Schedule of Examination (During Exam time: 2.30 Hours)
    • Date of Exam: 10.09.2015
    • Paper II - 9.30 am to 12.00 pm
    • Paper I - 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm
    How much will pay the Exam Fees: 

    Category Only Paper I or II Both Paper -  I  &II
    GT & OBC Rs.600/- Rs.1000/-
    SC/ST/PWD Rs.300/- Rs.500/-

    For more details for Clarification about CTET Exam 2015 May refer there Official Website in following links:

    Validity Period of CTET
    • The Validity Period of CTET qualifying certificate for appointment will be 7 from the date of declaration of its result for all categories.
    • There is No restriction on the number of attempts.
    Previous CTET Original Questions Paper: 

    I wish to all Candidates for appearing CTET exam.  

    { Online Quiz } Important Questions for General Studies - 79

    In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best.

    1. Which article of the constitution provide for the imposition of State Presidents rule?
      1.  Article-355
      2.  Article-368
      3.  Article-356
      4.  Article-370

    2. Which constitutional amendment changed the preamble of the constitution of India?
      1.  61st Amendment
      2.  72nd Amendment
      3.  48th Amendment
      4.  42nd Amendment

    3. The focal  length of concave lens is 4m then power of the lens is?
      1.   -0.25 D
      2.  +0.25 D
      3.  +0.25 d
      4.  -0.25 d

    4. What kind of cell divisions takes places in plants and animals somatic cells?
      1.  Meiosis
      2.  Amitosis
      3.  Reduction division
      4. Mitosis

    5. Bio-medical wastes can be removed in this method?
      1.  Land Fill
      2.  Composting
      3.  Recycling
      4.  Incinezation

    6. Which one is incorrect (Odd one out)?
      1.  Agriculture-Green Revolution
      2. Egg and Poultry-White Revolution
      3.  Marine Product-Blue Revolution
      4.  Milk and Milk Product-White Revoltion

    7. The mirror through which large area can be views is?
      1.  Plane Mirror
      2.  Concave Mirror
      3.  Convex Mirror
      4.  Plane and Concave Mirror

    8. Coal is a compost primarily?
      1.  Carbone
      2.  Hydrogen
      3.  Nitrogen
      4. Sulphur

    9. A disease is not infected with the help of house fly?
      1.  Amoebiasis
      2.  Cholera
      3. Diptheria
      4.  Typhoid

    10. At the termination of menstruation the corpus luteum is converted into a tissue called?
      1. Corpus Callosum
      2.  Endometrium
      3.  Corpus luteum
      4.  Corpus albicans

    { Online Quize } Important Questions for General Studies - 78

    In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best.

    1. With whom, the sangam rulers didn't war?
      1.  Singales
      2.  Kadambar
      3. Veliars
      4.  Yavanas

    2. The Organisation which introduced Green Revolution in India is?
      1.  I.C.S.I.R
      2.  I.C.M.R
      3.  I.S.R.O
      4.  I.C.A.R

    3. The town of 'Ranipet' was created as a mark of remembrance?
      1.  Wife of Raja Desingh
      2.  Wife of Sorup Singh
      3.  Wife of Krishnappa Nayak II
      4.  Rani Mangammal

    4. India's Population according to 2011 census is?
      1.  880.8 million
      2.  975.8 million
      3.  843.8 million
      4. 1210.2 million

    5. Which year New Economic or Industrial Policy has introduces?
      1.  1995
      2.  1993
      3.  1992
      4.  1991

    6. Government started a scheme of maintaining stock of important food grains to ensure their regular supply throughout the year?
      1.  Fair price shop
      2. Buffer stack scheme
      3.  Public Distribution system
      4.  Consumer co-operative stores

    7. In India, the order of Science and Technology development: (1).Nuclear Power Programme (2).Chandrayan 1 Satellite (3). Aryabhatta Satellite
      1.  1,2,3
      2.  3,1,2
      3.  1,3,2
      4.  2,1,3

    8. Air transport was introduced in India in the year of?
      1.  1935
      2.  1948 
      3.  1929
      4. 1930

    9. Which of the following sis the reason for starting an agitation called " Illavu Vaaram?
      1.  To uplift Tamilian status
      2.  To find social harmony
      3. To uplift Tamil Teachers Respect
      4.  To train composing elegy

    10. When did Turkey enter the First World War?
      1. November 1915
      2.  October 1915
      3.  November 1914
      4.  October 1914

    { Free Download } CTET Exam Previous Years Questions Papers

    Free Download CTET Previous years Questions Papers 

    CTET Previous years Questions Examination Conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination). CTET exam aspirants can download the Questions paper through this link. All the best.

    CTET February - 2015 Exam

    CTET Sebtember -  2014 Exam

    { Online Quiz } Important Questions for General Studies - 77

    In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best.

    1. In which year was Madurai Branch of the Chennai High Court Started?
      1.  2001
      2.  2002
      3.  2004
      4.  2005

    2. The top-tier of the Panchayat Raj Structure in Tamil Nadu is?
      1.  Panchayat Union
      2.  Village Panchayat
      3.  Gram Sabha
      4.  District Panchayat

    3. Whose report is hailed as the 'Magna Carta' of the Panchayat Raj system?
      1.  Balwantrai Mehta Committee
      2.  Ashok Mehta Committee
      3.  Gorwala Committee
      4.  Tarkunde Committee

    4. The destroy of enzyme present in the papaya fruit is prevented by using the chemicals is?
      1.  Potassium meta bisulphate
      2.  Sodium meta bisulphate
      3.  Sodium meta bisulphite
      4. Potassium meta bisulphite

    5. When you speak to your firend, which of the following parameters have a unique value in the sound produced?
      1.  Frequency
      2.  Wavelength
      3.  Amplitude
      4.  Wave Velocity

    6. Tumour inducing viruses are called?
      1.  Pathogenic viruses
      2. Oncogenic Viruses
      3.  Para Viruses
      4.  Variola Viruses

    7. Automobile tyres are grooved due to?
      1.  Decrease the friction
      2.  Reduce the friction
      3.  Increase the friction
      4.  Reduce the noise

    8. What is meant by 'Pietra Dura'?
      1.  A fusion of Persian and India feature
      2.  Construction of buildings with marbles
      3.  Decorated walls with paintings
      4. Decorating walls with floral diagrams made up of semi precious stone

    9. Education is ?
      1.  Consumption goods
      2.  Intermediate goods
      3. Capital Goods
      4.  Durable Goods

    10. 15 men can complete a work in 54 days then 9 men can complete the same work in?
      1. 45
      2.  80
      3.  85
      4.  90

    Thursday, July 30, 2015

    Free Download UPSC Previous years Questions Papers 2015

    Free Download UPSC Previous years Questions Papers 2015

    UPSC Previous years Questions Examination Conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) During period of 2015 Only. UPSC exam aspirants can download the Questions paper through this link. All the best.

    Special Class Railway Apprentice Exam

    Combined Defence Service Exam - I 2015

    {Download } UPSC Previous Question Paper

    Computer Based Examination 2015

    Computer Based Examination Conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) During period of 2015 Only. UPSC exam aspirants can download through this website, It is easily guide for all aspirants. All the best.

    Assistant Architect Exam
    GMDO.,MO., Doctor Post
    Assistant Labour Commissioner
    SAO Post Exam
    CBRT & Public Assistant Prosecutor

    { Online Quiz } Important Questions for General Studies - 76

    In this Quiz covered for Previous TNPSC Original Questions and selected for important Questions. TNPSC aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best.

    1. Seismograph is an instrument used to find?
      1.  Volcanic eruption
      2.  Tsunami
      3.  Earthquake
      4.  Storms

    2. Where is Head Quarter of South Eastern Railways?
      1.  Mumbai
      2.  Dispur
      3.  Gorakpur
      4.  Kolkatta

    3. Lunar flashlight and the Resource Prospectus Mission, the scheduled missions of NASA in 2017 and 2018 are meant to?
      1.  mine the moon to extract drinking water
      2.  measure celestial observations
      3.  probe the origing of craters in moon
      4.  explore the possibility of life in moon

    4. 42nd Chief Justice of India is?
      1.  R.M.Lodha
      2.  Lakshmanan
      3.  Y.V.Reddy
      4. H.L.Dattu

    5. Which one of the following taxes is not collected by the corporation?
      1.  Entertainment Tax
      2.  Taxes on Vehicle
      3.  Property Tax on Lands
      4.  Income Tax

    6. Which one is incorrect (Odd one out)?
      1.  First summit was held in 1964
      2. 15th summit was held in 2009
      3.  17th summit is to be held in Eqypt
      4.  First meeting was attended by 30 member countries

    7. Money bills can be delayed by Rajya Sabha?
      1.  10 Days
      2.  19 Days
      3.  14 Days
      4.  15 Days

    8. Indian Prime minister Naredra Modi inaugurated Food Park in ?
      1.  Chandipur
      2.  Lal Bagh
      3.  Punjab
      4. Tumkur

    9. In which of the Indian Constitution consists of Fundamental Rights?
      1.  Part I
      2.  Part II
      3. Part III
      4.  Part IV

    10. Lak Sabha consists of ?
      1. 550
      2.  540
      3.  555
      4.  552

    TNPSC Group 4 Updated News

    TNPSC Group 4 (Shorthand and Typewriting ) certificate verification date postponed tomorrow. The Intimation send to all candidates for attend the Certificate Verification. (Source from The Hindu Tamil)

    {Hall Ticket Download} UPSC Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2015 Hall Ticket Download (e-Admit Cards)

    UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) will be conducting the Civil Service Preliminary Examination on 23.08.2015. UPSC has uploaded the E- Admit Cards (Hall Ticket Download) for eligible candidates for the Preliminary Examination. So Applicants can download their e-Admit cards through the UPSC Websites ( In another instruction given by UPSC that if photograph is not visible or available on the e-Admit Card, candidates are advised to carry two identical photographs (One Photograph for each session) along with a proof of identify such as Identity Card, Voter Identity Card, Passport, Driving Licence or Aadhar Card and the Printout of e-Admit Card at the venue of Examination.

    I wish all Aspirants of Civil Service Preliminary Examination.

    Click Here For more information.

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    {Online Quiz} Easy Questions for General Science - 27

    In this Mock test collection from Different TNPSC, UPSC, SSC and all competitive examination Original question papers. So all aspirants can update and improve knowledge Skills. All quiz published for subject wise.

    1. Which gas is found in gobar gas plant?
      1.  Ethane
      2.  Acetylene
      3.  Methane
      4.  Benzene

    2. Who discovered Pennicillin?
      1.  Joseph Lister
      2.  Louis Pasteur
      3.  Edward Jenner
      4. Alexander Fleming

    3. Who discovered Thermometer for the first time?
      1.  Fahrenheit
      2.  John Dalton
      3.  J.C.Bose
      4.  Ronald Rods

    4. Who discovered vaccination to cure small box?
      1.  A.Fleming
      2.  Joseph Lister
      3.  Ronald Ross
      4.  Edward Jenner

    5. Which of these elements is non-metal?
      1.  Nickel
      2.  Cobalt
      3.  Chromium
      4.  Bromine

    6. Who founded Thermos Flask?
      1.  William Hansen
      2. James Diwar
      3.  Norman Pratt
      4.  Ivan Powel

    7. Which Vitamin avoids night blindness?
      1.  B
      2.  D
      3.  A
      4.  None of these above

    8. Which of the following is used in Photography?
      1.  Gama Rays
      2.  X-rays 
      3.  Tungsten
      4. Mercury

    9. What is the Atomic number of Hydrogen?
      1.  2
      2.  45
      3.  1
      4.  92

    10. Which of these metals is a good conductor of electricity?
      1. Copper
      2.  Iron
      3.  Lead
      4.  Silver

    {Online Quiz} General Studies Mock Test - 26

    In this Mock test collection from Different TNPSC, UPSC, SSC and all competitive examination Original question papers. So all aspirants can update and improve knowledge Skills.

    1. The lowest cover of forest type in India is?
      1.  Tropical evergreen forests
      2.  Tropical thorn forests
      3. Mangrove Forests
      4.  Alpine forests

    2. In India, the contribution of agricultural sector towards the Gross Domestic Product in 2012-2013?
      1.  55.7 percent
      2.  38.7 percent
      3.  31.7 percent
      4.  13.7 percent

    3. Which one of the following is not the feature of democratic socialism?
      1.  No faith in mixed economy
      2.  Aims at the reduction of inequalities of income and wealt
      3.  Aims at the provision of equal opportunities to all
      4.  A socialist society aims at the removal of poverty

    4. Devaluation is a measure of monetary authority': Which of the following item does match the below statement?
      1.  To increase money supply
      2.  To increase the current account deficit
      3.  To contain inflation
      4.  To reduce the foreign value of the domestic currency mainly to increase exports

    5. Proposal to setup India's first women bank was mooted in union budget?
      1.  2011-2012
      2.  2012-2013
      3.  2010-2011
      4.  2013-2014

    6. Ammonia is manufactured by?
      1.  Solvay Process
      2.  Haber Process
      3.  Birkland and Eyde Process
      4.  None of the above

    7. Which of the following statements about 'Cell theory' is true?
      1.  All the cells are only rectangular in shape
      2.  All cells are having chlorophyll pigments
      3.  Cell is the basic unit of life in all living organisms
      4.  All are true

    8. Which of the following is correctly matched??
      1.  Lichens - Chlorella
      2.  Algae - Penicillium 
      3.  Fungi - Usnes
      4. Mushrooms - Agaricus

    9. The Right to Information Act was passed in the year of?
      1.  2010
      2.  2002
      3. 2005
      4.  2004

    10. 'December-7 ' is observed on?
      1. Martyr's Day
      2.  Teacher's Day
      3.  Labour Day
      4.  Flag Day

    Jobs Keywords

    +2 (HSC) +2 RESULT 10th Science 2016 6th-Science Aavin Jobs Abroad Jobs Account Assistant Accountant Accounts Accounts Officer Accounts Officer Grade-I Additional Director Additional Manager Admin Executive / Secretary Administration Administration officer Administrative Officer Administrative Officers ADMISSION Admission for P.G Admission for Law ADMISSION FOR STUDY ADMISSION FOR STUDY for B.Ed ADMISSION FOR STUDY for MBBS ADMISSION FOR STUDY for PG ADMISSION FOR STUDY in Agri ADMISSION FOR STUDY in Veterinary ADMISSION FOR STUDY Law ADMISSION FOR STUDY M.Sc and Ph.D ADMISSION FOR STUDY Ph.D ADMISSION FOR STUDY. B.Tech ADMISSION FOR STUDY. 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