Important Events of India for TNPSC

  1. Birth of Indian National Congress -1885
  2. Partition of Bengal and Swedesh movement-1905
  3. Birth of Muslim League-1906
  4. Surat spilit of Indian National Congress-1907
  5. Minto Morley Reforms-1909
  6. Cancellation of Bengal Partition-1911
  7. First World War - 1914-1918
  8. Home Rule Movement and Luckow Pact-1916
  9. August Declaration-1917
  10. Montague-Chemsford reforms, Rowlatt Act and Jallian Walabagh-1919
  11. Khalifat Movement, Non-Co-Operative Movement-1920
  12. Chauri-Chaura incident, Suspension of Non Cooperative Movement-1922
  13. Formation of Simla Commission-1927
  14. Arrival of Simla Commission-1928
  15. Lahore Congress-1929
  16. Salt Sathyagraha and First Round Table Conference-1930
  17. Gandhi-Irvin pact and Second Round Table Conference-1931
  18. Communal Award,Poona Pact and Third Round Table Conference-1932
  19. Government of India Act-1935
  20. Second world war-1939 to1945
  21. Demand for Pakistan and August offer-1940
  22. Quite India movement and Arrival of Cripp's mission-1942
  23. Arrival of Cabinet-1946
  24. Mountbatten Plan and Indian Independence Act-1947
  25. Assassination of Gandhi-1948
  26. Drafting Indian constitution-1949
  27. Indian Constitution came and India became Republic Nation