General Studies Mock Test - 5 for TNPSC

  1. Bacteria differ from viruses is being sensitive to
    1.  Sugars
    2.  Proteins
    3. Tetracycline
    4.  Fats and Oils

  2. What is correctly matched with Ragive Awas Yojana?
    1.  Shelte and basic sevive needs of poor
    2.  Building infrastucture and basic amenities
    3.  Free food schemes for rural areas
    4. Support for shelter, redevelopment ad recreation of housing stock

  3. Name the neighbour galaxy of our own Milky Way galaxy?
    1.  Andromeda
    2.  Aquila
    3.  Antlia
    4.  Auriga

  4. The French East India Company was established by whom?
    1.  William Samson
    2.  Albugarh
    3.  King Charles
    4. ANS

  5. Ketone bodies appear in the urine due to diabetes mellitus during?
    1.  Myoglobinuria
    2.  Creatinuria
    3.  Albuminuria
    4.  Ketosis

  6. The GPS is a?
    1.  Satellite based system than can be used to identify the type of forests
    2.  Satellite based system than can be used to locate position anywhere
    3.  System used for measuring earthquake's magnitude
    4.  System used for assessing population density

  7. If the GDP is measured at the price prevailing at point of time, then it is called?
    1.  GDP current price
    2.  GDP market price
    3.  GDP constant price
    4.   None of the above

  8. Reduction of smoke and collection of fuel wood to check deforestation is promoted by?
    1.  Community and Institutional Biogas
    2.  Institutional Bio-gas Plants 
    3.  National Project on Bio-gas Development
    4. National Programme on Improved Chullas

  9. An developing economy has the following features?
    1.  Low per capita income, Chronic unemployment occupational pattern
    2.  Population pressure
    3.  Both of above
    4.  None of the above

  10. Which City is famous for 'Kumbh Mela'?
    1. Thrissur
    2.  Ujjain
    3.  Tanjore
    4.  Hardwar