General Studies Mock Test - 20 Economics for TNPSC

  1. Name the first bank managed by Indians?
    1.  Punjab National Bank
    2.  Punjab and Sind Bank
    3. Oudh Bank
    4.  Banaras State Bank

  2. With what the National Securities Depository Limited deals?
    1.  debentures
    2.  bearer bonds
    3.  agricultural loans
    4. electronics shares

  3. Which unit of valuation is known as "Paper Gold"?
    1.  SDR
    2.  GDR
    3.  Eurodollar
    4.  Petrodollar

  4. UNDP stands for?
    1.  United Nationals Development Programme
    2.  United Nations Development Project
    3.  Union National Developmental Project
    4. United Nations Development Programme

  5. Who is not related to the methodology of estimating poverty and of conducting BPL Census in rural and urban areas?
    1.  Prof.Suresh Tendulkar
    2.  Dr. N. C. Saxena
    3.  Prof. S R Hashim
    4.  Dr. Kasim Ali

  6. Who was chaired the National Planning Committee in 1938?
    1.  M N Roy
    2. Jawaherlal Nehru
    3.  M Visveswaraya
    4.  Dr. Swaminathan

  7. What is the Reserve Bank's Liquidity Adjustment Facility(LAF)?
    1.  Rediscounting of bills of Exchange
    2.  Auction of treasury bills
    3.  Use of Repos and Reserve Repos
    4.  None of the above

  8. Pick out  the odd option related to the scope of land reforms?
    1.  abolition of intermediaries
    2.  consolidation of land holdings
    3.  cooperative farming
    4. housing loans to the farmers

  9. Whom among the following had a working direction on "Planned Economy for India" in 1934?
    1.  M N Roy
    2.  Dr. Swaminathan
    3. M Visveswaraya
    4.  Jawaherlal Nehru

  10. The main purpose of SCARDB is?
    1. Inter-State sale of agricultural products
    2.  Inter-State sale of industrial products
    3.  Mining development
    4.  Land development