General Studies for Science Mock Test - 21 TNPSC, TRB, TET, SSC, UPSE EXAM


Vitamins Details

Vitamin Funtion Deficiency Desease Symtoms Sources
AKeeps eyes, hair, and SkinNight blindnesDryness of eyes, Improper visionGreen leafy vegetables and fruits
B1Aids digestion, maintains nervous systemBeriberiInflammationEggs, Whole grains, sprouts
B2Keeps skin and mouth healtySkin disordersIrritation of eyesEggs and milk
B12Formation of red blood cellsAnaemiaPale skin and lack of staminaMeat
CHelps to reist infections and keeps teeth,gumsScurvyLoosening of teechCitrus fruits
DAids in the normal growth of bones in childrenRicketsWeak bonesMilk,fish, eggs and Sun light
KHelps in blood clottingHaemorrhageAffect clotting of bloodSpinach, cabbage and green leafy