Lab Assistant Exam Expected Questions

Lab Assistant Exam  Expected Questions
  1. Which copper alloys is used for the manufacture of resistance wire - German Silver
  2. For manufacture of cement, which one is used in the largest quantity - Calcium oxide
  3. In which metals has the lowest melting point - Potassium
  4. Boron is an example of  - Non metal
  5. The process of bleaching by chlorine is called - Oxidation
  6. Milk is a mixture of - Carbohydrates, fats,proteins and water
  7. Which is the strongest acid - H2SO4
  8. Tungsten is an example of  - The Strongest Natural Metal
  9. The purest form of gold is - 24 carats
  10. How many kinds of rays do radioactive elements emit - 3
  11. The most reactive Halogen - Fluorine
  12. The nuclear of an atom consists of  - Protons and neutrons
  13. Carbon dioxide is an example of - Acidic Oxide
  • The Hardest Metal: Chromium
  • The Most Useful Strong Metal: Titanium
  • The Strongest Alloy: Steel
  • The Strongest Natural Metal: Tungsten